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  1. Hi, I really appreciate your work, I read your story and found some parallels to mine. Passion is a word that I long to fulfill, my journey has been a long one, I’ve endured life’s twists and turns and at the age of 50 achieved my BA in Biology. My love of science can only be measured by the immensity of the field itself. Along the way, In one of my last classes (invertebrates) I rediscovered a passion I had all but suppressed for many years, Art, In this case; illustrations, research and writing. I have been encouraged by my professors to pursue this venue for which I never really new existed, upon my research I stumbled upon your site and was more than intrigued. The sketches I’ve done are just with pencil and I really didn’t think much of them, but apparently my eye for detail is on point. I’ve never had any formal training and as I began to read some of the sites from the different schools I started to become overwhelmed. I tried looking up the program you attended and did not see a posting, so I thought I’d utilize your reply box and ask for your advise, about continuing education, career paths, internships and or finding a mentor. Thank You in advance. Peace

    • Hi Mike,

      Sorry for the slow reply. I have a 5 month old baby who tends to distract me :-). Congratulations on your BA. That’s fantastic! The specific program I attended was UC Santa Cruz, which has since moved to CA state Monterey Bay. I’m not sure what you want to do at this point, dive-in to a program, or take a few illustration classes to see if it is something you want to do. A lot of local botanical gardens have outreach classes with illustration classes that would be a good fit if you do just want to wet your toes further. If you do decide to dive into the career path, but don’t want to move to an area with one of the few science illustration programs, you can also cobble together classes — basically, illustration classes so you can get instruction/feedback on how to convey your message and communicate information visually, basic design classes so that even if you don’t want to do digital work, you can scan your work, set up web portfolios, etc… Community colleges are great places for these kinds of classes. If you are interested in digital art, is a great resource and very affordable.

      Have you checked out GNSI (Guild of Natural Science Illustration)? They have a listserv that anyone can sign up for free, and the members are very supportive. There are local chapters across the States that meet throughout the winter and can give you more information in person. Let me know if you have more specific questions, and I’d love to hear what you decide on (even if it’s years down the road). For faster replies (hopefully) feel free to email me at Good luck!

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