SayoStudios is the blog of the artist Nicolle Rager Fuller, who runs the science illustration studio, Sayo-Art LLC. The goal of Sayo-Art is to create beautiful and compelling images of the world we live in, from the biggest (the dinosaur extinction and the big bang) down to the smallest (the molecular science behind the leading cancer research). Sayo-Art takes complex science and abstract ideas, and presents them in new ways that makes them impactful and easy to understand.

SayoStudios will be updated regularly with new images directly from Sayo-Art, both finished paintings and preliminary sketches. SayoStudios will also provide you with news, analysis, and insight on the latest developments on both the science and illustration fronts, as well as advice for those looking to break into the illustration or freelance fields.

Nicolle can be contacted at info@sayo-art.com with questions or comments and for more information please visit her portfolio website at sayostudio.com.

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